Tips for turf establishment and maintenance


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•After the installation of your turf, give your new lawn at least 25mm of water.

•Water 3 times a day for the first 10-14 days (give the lawn a good soaking with the hose).

•Water daily and during hot dry weather more often. It is important to keep the turf moist for the first two weeks to keep it firmly rooted. Use the weather as an indicator of how much watering is needed. Do not let the lawn brown off (get a brown look) increase watering if it is.


•Avoid traffic on your turf for the first 4-5 weeks of establishment. This will allow the roots to firmly develop and quicken their establishment. Any excess traffic may also affect the levels of your turf.


•Make sure your turf has a tight bind to the soil before giving it the first mow.

•Test the grass to see if it can be lifted. If it can, then it hasn’t had enough time to bond with the soil and mowing is likely to pull up the lawn and damage it.

•Your turf can normally be mown once it has grown to double its height.

•Be careful not to mow any more then 1/3 of the leaf.

•Make sure your mower blades are sharp.


•After six weeks of your lawn being down apply a slow release fertiliser.

Note that turf will take a little longer to establish in the colder months (around 4 weeks as opposed to 10 -14 days to establish in warmer weather).